Why are these Keys important now?

They have always been important, but never recognized.

Why raise awareness now?

The downside dysfunctions outweigh the upsides of Life.

Has this not always been the case?

Yes, but...

But what?

Everything has changed in recent decades.

In what way?

By exponential increases in Man's ability to harm.

How and why?

Principally, the digital era is the 'conduit'.


It enables escalating dysfunction.

And, existing solutions?

They are proving wholly inadequate.


Far too few fundamental solutions are being applied.

How can this be changed?

The digital era can also help to improve upside function

And, the Legacy project?

It can empower soundly-based improvements.

What would this take?

Practical access to wide-scale reach.

In the meantime?

The Core output will be enshrined within Trust arrangements.

What will be the primary objective?

Helping the disadvantaged.

And, more widely?

For the benefit of upcoming generations.


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