About the Keys

Most expertise recognizes that 'The simply solutions are usually the best'.

And yet, most aspects of human activity become increasingly complex.

Claims can be made of more choices, more options, more results, and on.

Included are ever-more educational complexities - and costs.

They are accompanied by increasing downsides, including pressures and harm.

Many include avoidable damage to individuals and the environment.

Overlooked by it all are the simplest solutions that could contribute the most.

A Legacy project is being developed to raise their profile.


Key Solutions

Leading it is 'Derek E Whittall', and his developing Trust arrangements.

Seemingly he is uniquely qualified to precipitate this initiative.

This has stemmed from a lifetime of imposed situations that were not within his control.

He therefore sought, and applied, the Scientific Keys over decades.

They enabled him to deal with many dire situations, including life-threatening instances.

The majority were Leadership-fueled by recessionary backlashes.

Ownership of his Legacy project will be vested in Trust arrangements.

They will be designed to help people into perpetuity.

Anyone can contribute, and everyone can benefit.

Further resources and suitable Trustees are needed.


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