Along with related skills, Sciences are fundamental products of the Mind.

As are such as Design, Engineering and Fabrication.

In one form or another, Science is however pivotal to most understandings.

Its greatest realizations amount to 'Base' knowledge.

These Core/Bedrock/Universal findings underpin all else.

Their intrinsic worth is seldom acknowledged.

Their issue-resolving worth is rarely recognized, let-alone used.



Instead, Science presses for ever-more research - and resources.

In most instances, this can be a justifiable pursuit.

However, existing Base knowledge already explains what most people need to know.

More importantly, it identifies most of what is needed for issue-resolution.

The difficulty with this is that the biases of vested interests denies public awareness.

The outcome is that the vast majority of wider interests are harmed.

The most vulnerable to harm are the upcoming generations.

Many go on to continue to be disadvantaged throughout life.



The travesty is that Life, the Environment and the planet pay the price.

Included, it undermines billions of humans, and destroys countless of them.

Much of this is merely in the name of greed, and its underlying destroyer.

It is all driven by Leadership, usually whilst claiming 'It's doing its job'.

Included, it appears political Leadership is oblivious to the Core Keys.

The outcome is that every aspect of Life is threatened.

Alternatively, Leadership is aware of them, and chooses to contravene them.

This would amount to amoral self-serving at the expense of all else.

Designed to help mitigate the consequences, 'Sci-Keys' is a part of a wider Legacy project.


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